How can the Local Business Online Toolkit help?

  • Social MarketingAllows businesses to keep in touch with their customers on Facebook and Google. This is the quickest and most personal touchpoint a business can reach their customers.
  • Reputation ManagementAllows an SMB to continue responding to reviews and answering questions. This may include getting caught up on previous reviews they didn’t have time to respond to previously.*
  • Customer VoiceAllows a business to keep their reviews up to date by requesting reviews from their customers.*
  • Listing Builder: Allows businesses to keep their information up to date. This may include changing business hours, delivery options, and more information on availability.
  • Advertising IntelligenceWhether ads are promoting a business’s e-commerce availability or creating awareness, Advertising Intelligence offers free Facebook Ads and Google Ads reporting.
  • Constant Contact: Continue marketing to customers through Constant Contact. Contests, gift card purchase, business availability, blog or information sharing.

*Please note that Google has stopped all review functionality, including leaving a review, responding to reviews, and Google Q&A. This has been done to protect local businesses during this time.