Digital Marketing Department or Consultant? This is the most asked question a dental/ medical practice or small business encounters before seeking the professional assistance of DotComSocial’s digital marketing services. The question is, “Does a practice saves money being advised by, or go the route of directly hiring a digital marketing department. Immediately, they will not need to pay the same salary, taxes, and fees associated with direct-hire employees in most cases.

Think about this:

Dr. Smith is a local Dentist who is looking to expand and increase profits. Dr. Smith could generate an additional $150,000 in annual revenue if he had someone who focused on advertising the business, and wisely spent his $2,000 monthly ad budget. If he hired a marketing specialist to work in his office at a salary of $60,000 a year, Dr. Smith would be left with $90,000 before expenses. At the end of the day, Dr. Smith might net around $50,000 after the employee and all other expenses are covered. That is $50,000 he did not have, so a win in any book, yet it could be done better, right? Dr. Smith could hire a marketing consultant at $3,000 per month, which would be his only “staff” expense, plus his advertising budget of $2,000 per month. This means that Dr. Smith will not have to pay the usual expenses associated with an employee.

You can see that using a marketing consultant more than doubles the net profit seen by the business owner. 

Bottom Line:

Not only do consultants bring fresh ideas and expertise, they save business owners HUGE sums of money and offer more capabilities. Businesses will always need help. 

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