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The 18 Month Staying Sober 20x Blueprint is Revealed in this Book

In a few moments, you’ll read the best-kept secret of my family and a hand full of friends afflicted with the scourge of alcohol addiction and the killer practice of driving under its influence. It is the original blueprint that we all agreed changed our perception and curved our reason to ever drink and drive ever again. The Staying Sober 20x Blueprint has been slightly refined over the years but is the core of our family success which we are ready to spread across America.

For the first time, we are making it available to a greater audience in the hopes that the Staying Sober 20x Blueprint allows you to use the exact same fresh ideas we use in our lives.

Everybody Knows

You’re supposed to never drink and drive. Does everyone understand its cost if you are stopped by law enforcement while doing so? If you are like me and never understood that the cost would total more than $1000.00-$2000.00, right?


I haven’t pursued my trade, maybe a formal education, and decided to give what amounts to tuition to a number of associated organizations, the courts of jurisdiction, county and state fines, and some sizable never heard of state legislative statues that were meant to intimidate. See what I’m doing differently – and how you can use the same method.

Most TEXANS and many Americans in other states have no clue of the Incredibly High Cost of a DUI.

The 25 Month research that produced the Staying Sober 20x Blueprint is REVEALED in this Book.

In a few moments, you’ll read this best-kept secret of many family members and friends, especially those afflicted with the scourge of alcohol addiction, and the killer practice of driving under its influence. This is the original blueprint that many of us all agreed changed our perception and curved our reason to ever drink and drive ever again. The Staying Sober 20x Blueprint is ready to be released and distributed across America.

Let me make sure you’re clear on one thing…

This is NOT simply a “how to do book”. It’s more

This is a complete end-to-end guide on the cost of a DUI in America, in Texas. This is brand new information that I have never shared before.

The results you’ll get from this are not typical. You might become sober sooner than others or it may take more time. Too, you may not be affected at all. It depends on the effort you put into it.

So Here’s the deal: I’ve put together a fact-packed book of 75 pages that will teach you all that I was taught on how to be SHOCKED into never drinking again and maybe never drinking while under the influence.

You read this book and I can assure you that you’ll never have to read or watch videos about this subject ever again. Because this book will teach you all you need to know even if you’ve never had a DUI or never get one. The cost is unbelievable.

The Staying Sober 20x Blueprint

I want you to grab a piece of the action, this blueprint. This opportunity has the potential to save 20x your money or more in savings to you and your family – by reading what is turning many people away from drinking totally, let alone drinking and driving.

That’s exactly why I want to get my full blueprint in your hand as soon as possible.

This blueprint could be the difference between you sitting in jail, depressed at home, paying exorbitant fees, fines, penalties etc…sitting on the sidelines, OR grabbing this monster bull by the horns and saving cash in like a pro.

I call it the Staying Sober 20x Blueprint!

And because I know you’re serious about this issue, I want to get you a copy of this “blueprint” for just $27.

Inside this blueprint, you’ll discover the steps I’ve used to turn my life around for my family and friends and how I became more productive and built a higher quality of life based on the blueprint.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside:

  • How I increased my productive hours from 2 to 4 hours a day up to 8 to 12 hours while saving more cash and freeing time so that I can develop a sober future.
  • Find more benefits from the plan and insert it after the book sales page.
  • I did not have to shut down my business or file for bankruptcy because of fees, fines, and jail time. Plus, how this experience turned out to be the turning point in my life.
  • The exact 5 steps I’ve identified from opening my first restaurant and how I formalized them to open 4 more restaurants the very next year. (These steps have also helped hundreds of restaurant owners all over the globe, regardless of their cuisine.)

I tried the Staying Sober 20x Blueprint because I was tired of spending money on expensive alternatives. The Staying Sober 20x Blueprint, helped by making it super easy to get the desired result. The results were amazing!

One thing I really liked was the professional quality of the outcome. I would recommend the Staying Sober 20x Blueprint, to anyone who needs a different way to fix the problem driving under the influence and alcoholism, but doesn’t want to expensive alternatives!

For Just $.90 Cents Per Day for 30 Days and the Staying Sober 20x Blueprint can be yours.

When you really think about it, compared to checking into a detox facility in your state or another and all of the expenses needed (travel, 90 days off from work if possible), you could be spending anywhere from $20 to $30 thousand dollars. Compared to the $27.00 for this insightful influential blueprint, $27 is really just a painless drop in the bucket.

Think about it: Over the course of just one year, by which time you will already see your possible sober life takes place, flourishing like never before and hearing people referring to you as ‘looking great’, you would have potentially saved $20 to $30 thousand in DUI fines and fees. In any given situation your investment of $27 in this information is well worth it.

Money-Back Guarantee

Download the Staying Sober 20x Blueprint. Use it, study it …and if you don’t like it within seven days, then just email me and I’ll give you all your money back. The results of the blueprint may vary from person to person.

Do you know the saying that in your moments of decision your destiny is shaped? What will you decide right now? The same thing you’ve been doing so you get the old results, or will you decide to change your results for the better once and for all?

On these Incredible Mind-Blowing Pages, You’ll Find…

Add More Benefits:

  • The “3 Costly Mistakes” you can accidentally commit. Ignorance of the LAW is no excuse.
  • Factual proof of the information presented.
  • The simple beginner info that I wished I knew before any DUI.

The secret steps those internet gurus don’t want you to know that you can quickly and easily apply to get buying prospects from social media without even running those costly ads

But now, the big question…

What’s The Cost And Why Should You Order Today? I’ll Tell You Why…

You might be thinking right now, there are so many benefits, this book must cost a fortune… But here’s a shocker!

The cost of the book is $27 …Yeah you heard me right with just $27 you’ll get this Incredible packed book as a PDF sent instantly to you after your purchase.

The potential I’m unleashing with this book could cost me profits in the long term and with that in mind I’ve decided to sell a limited quantity for a “test run”.

What this means is that just a selected number of people would be lucky enough to get this. Once I hit the number I’m aiming for, I’ll raise the price up and that’s it!

Regardless of the fact that you’re paying such a little amount for the secrets this book has to offer, I intend to cancel out every doubt you might have by offering you this…

Regardless of the fact that you’re paying such a little amount for the secrets this book has to offer, I intend to cancel out every doubt you might have by offering you this…

Regardless of the fact that you’re paying such a little amount for the secrets this book has to offer, I intend to cancel out every doubt you might have by offering you this…

My Unconditional, Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee!

If you get nothing from this book and think it’s a waste of your hard-earned cash, email me or call the number on your receipt and I’ll refund the full amount with no questions asked within the first seven days.

Regardless of the fact that you’re paying such a little amount for the secrets this book has to offer, I intend to cancel out every doubt you might have by offering you this…

Obviously that guarantee is beyond fair.

So here’s the real question:

Are you ready to take action or are you still letting doubt stop you?

Don’t let your doubts stop you from the endless possibilities and wisdom this book brings you. It’s a no brainer deal you’re getting. Take action now before the price changes (which can happen anytime).

Send Me The Book

P.S. Still skeptical? I understand so here’s what I suggest to further ease your doubts. Order the book, go through the first 10 pages and if you don’t like it, mail me instantly to get your money back. It’s that simple and there’s no catch to this.

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